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I've written a node app, which works fine for me locally, but when I try to install it to nodejitsu, I'm given the response:

C:\xampp\htdocs\officeball\node_scripts>jitsu install index_all.js
info:    Welcome to Nodejitsu jt0dd1995
info:    jitsu v0.13.9, node v0.10.23
info:    It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
info:    Executing command install index_all.js
error:   Sorry, index_all.js is not a node app
error:   Error running command install index_all.js
help:    For help with this error contact Nodejitsu Support:
help:      webchat: <>
help:          irc: <irc://>
help:        email: <>
help:      Copy and paste this output to a gist (
info:    Nodejitsu not ok


Is there a special way that I need to write a node app for it to work with nodejitsu?

Here's the app

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You probably need to have a package.json file in the same directory as your app for the jitsu command line program to determine the name of your app and other properties. – Hector Correa Apr 8 '14 at 13:05
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Try to do

  jitsu install

if u have a package.jsonfile that should work

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