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I've successfully got my controller specs working with subdomains by using a before filter like so

before do = ""

When a user tries to access a subdomain they are not part of, they are logged out and sent back to devise's sign in action which ISNT under a subdomain i.e.

Everything works fine in the browser, sneaky users are redirected are barred from entering unrelated subdomains and instead redirected to the sign in form.

However my controller specs are failing with

"Expected response to be a redirect to but was a redirect to"

Can anyone help on this?

Here is the before_filter which authorizes users

def authorize_account_subdomain!
    if current_account.subdomain != request.subdomain
      flash[:warning] = t('errors.unauthorized')
      redirect_to new_user_session_url(:subdomain => false)

and the test

context 'when signed_in' do
    let(:user)      { create(:user_with_account) }
    let(:proposal)  { create(:proposal, :account => user.account) }
    let(:subdomain) { user.account.subdomain }

    before do
      sign_in user

    context "when accessing other subdomain" do

      before do 
        other_subdomain = "other_subdomain" = "#{other_subdomain}"

      it "can not access show action" do
        post :show, :id => 1

#test helper

def access_denied!
    response.should redirect_to new_user_session_url(:subdomain => false)
    flash[:warning].should == I18n.t('errors.unauthorized')
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When I look at this I see the query is correct, i.e. /users/sign_in is the same in both cases. So that tells me that its the :subdomain => false in your url helper.

See this answer for more clarification

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