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this is my script for pulling the data:

def graphData(stock):
        print 'Currently pulling',stock
        fileLine = stock+'.txt'
        urlToVisit = ''+stock+'.csv'
        sourceCode = urllib2.urlopen(urlToVisit).read()
        splitSource = sourceCode.split('\n')
        for eachLine in splitSource:
            splitLine = eachLine.split(',')
        if len(splitLine)==40:
           saveFile = open(fileLine,'a')
           lineToWrite = eachLine+'\n'
           line = f.readline()
           alist = line.split(',')
           except Exception, e:
           print str(e), 'failed to organize pulled data'
           for eachStock in stocksToPull:

and it save as a txt.file,but the data's content is too long, it looks like this:


but I only need the first 9 variable, how could I organized this ugly line into clean one and save as a new file or maybe rewrite the old one?

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real don't know how to organize it, i define the variable as alist[0],alist[1],....etc, but i don't know how to rewrite the old one makes it look like what i want.. –  user3425118 Apr 8 '14 at 7:25
You could save the first nine values into a list, and once you got the first nine in the list, iterate through them and write it to file. After that you can write a new line for the next 9 values. –  ali Apr 8 '14 at 10:03
You could also look in using pandas. Its a library that gives you a data structure similar to a a table in excel, and it can save the table in memory into a csv format which you can open using excel. –  ali Apr 8 '14 at 10:05

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