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I'm creating a lightbox for a website i'm creating, no i don't want to use one already made, i want to make my own.

when the user clicks on a somewhere on the website, i have jquery grab that 's title attribute, and stick it into an image src, and then inject that image tag into .overlay_content

everything works except it wont grab the title, the variable doesn't work and i don't know what i did wrong, it's inserting grabbed-img into the src for the image, not the title of the span.overlay_img

     $(document).ready(function() {
        $('.overlay_img').click(function (){
            var docHeight = $(document).height();
            var grabbed_img = $(this).attr('title'); 

            $(".overlay_bg").height(docHeight).fadeIn(300, function(){
                $(".overlay_content").html("<img src='grabbed_img'>").fadeIn(300); 

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Are you sure it's not grabbing the title? Have you tried an alert to test it?


Looks like it might be an issue with this line:

        $(".overlay_content").html("<img src='grabbed_img'>").fadeIn(300); 

Should be:

        $(".overlay_content").html("<img src='" + grabbed_img + "'>").fadeIn(300); 
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ah you guys both got it, excellent, i didn't know i had to put those extra quotes in there. –  ExodusNicholas Feb 18 '10 at 23:40

Try the following on line 7 of your script:

(".overlay_content").html("<img src='" + grabbed_img + "'>").fadeIn(300);

There's no variable interpolation of the type you attempt in JavaScript. You need to build the string up using the concatenation operator.

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its not grabbing the title because your not directing it to grab the image's title, your directing it to grab the div's title, and it has none.

    $('.overlay_img img')
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The OP wanted the div's title, not the image's title. The marked answer explains the problem, which was a problem with forming the new html. –  Ben Scott Oct 6 '11 at 12:20

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