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I'm working on an iOS project which shows map with pinned locations. When user taps on a location an Custom Info window is shown with some details. I use the below method to

- (UIView *)mapView:(GMSMapView *)mapView markerInfoWindow:(GMSMarker *)marker

The custom info window has a set of labels & buttons. As of now everything is working perfectly except that the IBOutlet of the UIButton in the custom info window is not firing. Its like Google Maps is rendering the custom info window as an image.

Is there any way where i can have buttons inside of it and have Touch Up inside fired?

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You're exactly right, the info window is rendered as a flattened view.

Please see the grey-boxed note on the developers page regarding Info Windows.

  • iOS


  • And for completeness, the same is true for the Android SDK


I've had this problem myself, there is no (sane) way around it. Unfortunately, you'll have to redesign what you're trying to achieve.

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I guess i have to take the unfortunate side. :( I had to implement it at all costs. Where do i start if i need to redesign? Or i was thinking like if mapView:markerInfoWindow gives a (x,y) position of the touched location we can map with the button's rectangle and see if it matches? Is there any way to achieve this? –  Shankar Apr 8 at 12:27
You 'could' slap a view over the top of the map, catching screen coordinates of touch events and propagating them down to the map - then using those coords to superimpose your own fake popup over the map - but I highly highly suggest you don't. Google Maps is a tool provided to us with an intended use, if you need controls so badly in the context a particular marker, i suggest having a separate view below the map with contextual buttons. You can update them with a callback from the marker touched events. I have done this myself before. –  mjw Apr 11 at 0:39

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