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With thisoptions in my .org file:

#+OPTIONS    H:5

... headlines below level 3 are still exported as list items when exportning to ascii.

How do I change that?

In addition: how can I get all headlines to be exported as the plain text of the org node minus the stars. That is exporting this:

* Headline 1
** Headline 2

To this:

Headline 1
Headline 2

Instead of this:

Headline 1
Headline 2 


With regard to the headline levels I also tried to add this to .emacs:

(setq org-export-headline-levels 5)

That gives me this error when exporting to ascii:

Wrong type argument: characterp, 67108896

I get that headline levels rely on the document class when exporting to latex but why can't I change the headline level to anything I'd like when exporting to ascii?

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Upgrading to the newest stable version of org-mode (8.2.5h) made this easy-peachy. Now:

#+OPTIONS    H:5

... actually works.

This works to get rid of the underlinings:

(setq org-ascii-underline (quote ((ascii) (latin1) (utf-8))))

In addition this contributes to get the clean look I was going for:

(setq org-ascii-headline-spacing (quote (1 . 1)))

(setq org-ascii-inner-margin 0)
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