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I'm trying to get the GitHub user picture (avatar) from users of GitHub.

I've found these API:


But I can't find a way to get the avatar from the user email or the user display name. I can't find documentation about that.

Is there some similar URL API to get what I'm looking for?

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Use the /users/:user endpoint. Should be under avatar_url in the returned json.

For example, my avatar_url can be found by hitting this url.


There is another way I can think of that is kind of roundabout. Since GitHub uses Gravatar, if you know the email associated with the account, do an md5 hash of the lowercase, stripped email address and construct a url like http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/[md5_here].

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Thanks but I need directly the image, would be not enough lightweight parse the json... –  Fez Vrasta Apr 8 at 9:12
additionally, I've not the github username, I've just user display name (Foo Bar, not foobar) and the email (info fetched from a commit detail) –  Fez Vrasta Apr 8 at 9:18
Off the top of my head I don't believe there will be any fully accurate way of getting a user's github picture then--as git commits can have any email address attached to them, it doesn't have to map to a github user. That being said, I believe my edit about MD5 hashes and gravatar might be your best bet. –  photoionized Apr 8 at 9:21
I already check that the repository is a GitHub repo and it's good think users use only correct emails for their commits. I can't use Gravatars because lot of users don't use gravatars on GitHub (gravatars are already implemented in my code) –  Fez Vrasta Apr 8 at 9:24
Oh, one last thing regarding Gravatar generation, looks like GitHub uses a default size of 460, so you can pass in ?size=460 at the end of your gravatar url and it will give you the same thing as the GitHub url from their api. –  photoionized Apr 8 at 9:25

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