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I have a div (content area) with an image background, now if the div height extends to more than 600px I would like to display a different background image. Is that possible with just CSS?

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If your div height is tied to the page height (i.e. 60% of body) then you can use media queries. No other widely supported solutions come to mind. –  Riccardo Zorn Apr 8 at 9:09
Take a look at this post on SO: stackoverflow.com/questions/12251750/… –  CemOzer Apr 8 at 9:12
I don't think it is possible with CSS however it is certainly possible with Javascript or jQuery –  IP Address Apr 8 at 9:16

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here is an example i am giving, try changing the height of the result window to see the change:

    background: url('http://www.hexaware.com/brandresourcecenter/images/images_compass.png');
    height: 100px;
    width: 100px;

@media (max-height: 600px) {
  .facet_sidebar {
      background: url('http://www.hexaware.com/brandresourcecenter/images/images_gears.png');
    width: 100px;

jsfiddle demo

Media queries can be used to change anything.

Hope it helps

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+1 for the Fiddle example –  Pierre Nortje Apr 8 at 9:49
Thanks, worked just right. –  Andrew Smart Apr 8 at 10:30
Yes media queries can be used to change anything, but it unable to work "based on" anything. It works based on device, media-type, etc... but not html elements. Question asks for responsiveness based on element height. Your example works when changing viewport height, not div's height. –  CemOzer Apr 8 at 17:25

Simple answer: No.

More complex answer: It depends. For example you could set the height of the div-container relative to the height of the viewport and resize that. At some point the div will grow to a height > 600px. You could then watch out for the height of the viewport and base a media-query on the value.

@media (min-height: viewport-height when div is 601px high)
  your styles {}

If that solution is not what you are looking for, then you have the option of looking for the height of the div with JavaScript and thereby swap the background image.

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yes it is possible through the media inquiry

@media screen and (max-device-width: 768px) {
    .div {
            width: 960px;
        background: url(...);
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or simply device-width –  AlexPrinceton Apr 8 at 9:19

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