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I am using the Windows UIAutomation client API, trying to find a UI element and change its value. When I try to change text values everything seems to work fine. However, I am not able to change any numeric values.

For example, if I try to set the value of the volume slider in Windows Media Player I get the following error in the Inspect tool:


Called with parameters:
val: 50

ERROR - [Error: hr=0xFFFFFFFF80070057 - The parameter is incorrect.]

I have verified that the control is enabled, and not readonly. Does this mean that the control doesn't support SetValue, or how am I supposed to format my numeric values? Since the error is E_INVALIDARG it seems like I'm just formatting my numeric value incorrectly.

enter image description here

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According to MSDN a slider should support IValueProvider, which expects a string representation of the numeric value. –  Roger Rowland Apr 8 '14 at 9:47

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Afaik, it supports string value. Also,If range value pattern is exposed for that slider, you can get the max allowed value. You can try setting an intermediate value then.

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