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Rails 3.2. Hi. Currently out app has an authentication system implemented that we did and we are going to migrate to devise. I am at wits end here trying to get the devise log in to work. Somehow I have drilled down the problem to the part where Devise actually creates a user session.

def create
  self.resource = warden.authenticate!(auth_options)
  set_flash_message(:notice, :signed_in) if is_flashing_format?
  sign_in(resource_name, resource)
  yield resource if block_given?
  respond_with resource, location: after_sign_in_path_for(resource)

Routes (I have changed the devise controller and literally just pasted the Devise controller code to debug it with pry):

devise_for :users, controllers: { sessions: "sessions" }

The problem here is that warden is not even hitting the database with an authenticate. It just returns nil. I checked my other, simpler application and authenticate's behavior scans the database, regardless if email/password is correct. How do I get Warden/Devise for that matter to actually do a select statement to check the database out?

(If there is anything I can paste to help you guys I'll paste it)

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What does your "devise" member in your model look like? –  Tony Dorie Apr 8 at 21:00

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Try look in console the authentication keys of your devise model:


If result is different respect keys you need (i.e email), just add explicity in your model:

:authentication_keys => [:email]

I resolved in this way. Hope this help


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