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So far Django has good integration with several RDBMS. NoSQL, schema-less and document-oriented DBMS are picking up. What's the status of integration those on-trend and fashionable DBMSes with Django? Are there any production-ready or at least ready-to-use libraries for Django?

So far I have these at hand:

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Pre 1.0, django ORM underwent a major queryset re-factor. One of the reasons for this was "This re-factor enables us to support non relational backends".

The official support I think is definitely on the cards; but I think there were more pressing matters for 1.1 and 1.2(now in beta).

However, there are of course several independent efforts to use non relational databases with django, including, but not limited to the following:

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Neo4j- the Java graph database (on the other end of the NoSQL spectrum)- also has initial support.


I've spent quite a while fleshing this support out and moving to a remote protocol. You can see the results on GitHub.

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thanks Matt! I'm excited to know this. – Viet Jun 24 '10 at 2:56

Until there is official Django support of a MongoDB back-end, for auto-admin, etc. (wouldn't that be so great). I would take a look at mongokit, which is a thin wrapper over pymongo. There's a few alternatives, but mongokit has comprehensive documentation and is under active development.

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