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I have lots of flac albums, each one in a single file and I want to split it in tracks. I can guarantee that there is only one flac file per folder with one cue file with the same name.

I wrote that:

for d in `find . -name *.cue -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 dirname | sort --unique`
  cd \""$d"\"
  f=`ls *.cue`
  cuebreakpoints *.cue | shnsplit flac *.flac
  cuetag *.cue split*.flac
  rm ${f%.cue}.*
  cd \""$current"\"
unset IFS

As find command doesn't escape file names I changed the IFS to linebreaks. When I execute the script it fails in both cd lines saying that the route provided doesn't exists.

For example, suppose this file structure:

> Downloads
    > Music
        > FLAC
            > Goa Trance
                > Others
                    > (1997) Test Label - Album Name - Subtitle Of The Album
                        album test.flac
                        album test.cue

When I execute the script throws two errors (and other errors derived from the fact that the directory isn't changed):

./split.sh: line 6: cd: "./Music/FLAC/Goa Trance/Others/(1997) Test Label - Album Name - Subtitle Of The Album": No such file or directory
./split.sh: line 11: cd: "/Users/robotFive/Downloads": No such file or directory

But if I execute exactly this all works:

cd "./Music/FLAC/Goa Trance/Others/(1997) Test Label - Album Name - Subtitle Of The Album"
cd "/Users/robotFive/Downloads"

Do you know what could be happening?

Thank you.

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I think there is one escape to much, change:

cd \""$d"\"


cd "$d"
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Thank you. I did my tests wrong and I arrived to the conclussion that the escaped quotes were necessary. –  davidgnin Apr 8 at 13:06
I know, escaping spaces is a bitch in shell scripting... –  Mathias Apr 8 at 13:26

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