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I have a hidden Div which is made visible on click of button. On page reload i want to keep the div still visible if i have clicked the button earlier. If not i want to keep the div hidden. I cannot get the id of the Div on click of the button.

for eg:

var id = document.getElementById("#<%= lblChartGUID.ClientID %>").attr('id') returns null reference.

I am trying to store this id and its visibility in local storage and retreive it on pageload.

Any help???????

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Just use var id = "<%= lblChartGUID.ClientID %>", that the ID –  Satpal Apr 8 at 13:16

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Problem is that you are mixing Vanilla JS and jQuery


var id = "<%= lblChartGUID.ClientID %>" // This is the simplest 


var id = $("#<%= lblChartGUID.ClientID %>").attr('id') 

Vanilla JS

var id = document.getElementById("<%= lblChartGUID.ClientID %>").getAttribute('id') 
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This var id = document.getElementById("#<%= lblChartGUID.ClientID %>").attr('id') is completely wrong. You're mixing up javascript and jquery.

Just do:

var id='<%= lblChartGUID.ClientID %>';
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why do you need to get the id if its already there.you can simply use:

 var id="<%= lblChartGUID.ClientID %>";

or to fetch id by using jquery object of element use:

 var id=$("#<%= lblChartGUID.ClientID %>").attr('id');
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