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Is it possible in matplotlib to generate a quiver plot with arrowheads on both sides of the arrows and if so how (without the obvious workaround of over plotting two sets of arrows).

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I'm definitely not asking anyone to write code for me :) In fact, if there is no easy solution I intend to spend some time to try and extend quiver and submit patches upstream. Just want to know if a solution already exists (perhaps some little known kwarg). Posting my code is not extremely useful since it is just a call to quiver ''quiver(X, Y, U, V)'' as in the documentation. –  Pim Schellart Apr 8 at 15:05
I consider myself suitable told :) unfortunately I don't think it's possible as the source code seems to say "Quiver plots an arrow in the direction of the vector..." which would suggest it's only in the direction of the vector. –  Ffisegydd Apr 8 at 15:18

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