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I'm trying to load an absolute resource via clojure.java.io/resource and it cannot locate it. However, I can retrieve it by other means.

The example below demonstrates this. Create a file in the base src directory for a fresh project, and attempts to locate it via. resource do not succeed, but I can get to it via. .getResource on the System class.

How can I load this via. resource? Any ideas why this is like this?


C:\Users\username\temp>lein new foo
Generating a project called foo based on the 'default' template.
To see other templates (app, lein plugin, etc), try `lein help new`.

C:\Users\username\temp>cd foo   
C:\Users\username\temp\foo>cd src    
C:\Users\username\temp\foo\src>echo hello > world.txt   
C:\Users\username\temp\foo\src>cd ..    
C:\Users\username\temp\foo>lein repl


user=> (require ['clojure.java.io :as 'io])
user=> (io/resource "/world.txt")
user=> (.getResource System "/world.txt")
#<URL file:/C:/Users/username/temp/foo/src/world.txt>
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You need to add src to your resource-paths in project.clj:

:resource-paths ["src"]

Those directories are included on the classpath and thus available to load resources.

Also, you need to remove the leading /:

(io/resource "world.txt")
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So, in other words. My assumption that resources work exactly in Clojure as they do in the JVM does not apply. –  Bill Apr 8 at 16:22

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