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I have an issue with JMOCK 2.6 and JUINT4 when mocking ByteBuffer

public class Test {

    public JUnitRuleMockery context = new JUnitRuleMockery() {

    public void setUp() throws Exception {

    public void testMockByteBuffer() {
        final java.nio.ByteBuffer byteBufferMock = context.mock(java.nio.ByteBuffer.class);


I expected the test to fail, but it passes.

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Just realized I can't mock final methods. java.nio.ByteBuffer.remaining() declared as final.


If you want to mock final classes or final methods, the JDave library includes an unfinalizer >Instrumentation agent that can unfinalise classes before they are loaded by the JVM. They can then be >mocked by the ClassImposteriser.

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