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I am trying to get a line below the attributed string on my custom NSView (NSButton attributedString) and I am using the NSUnderlineStyleAttributeName

    [self addAttribute:NSUnderlineStyleAttributeName value:@(NSUnderlineStyleSingle) range:range];

And the result on the non-retina screen is like: Underline is too thick

This line is very thick (2 pixels), I tried all various combinations of NSUnderlineStyleAttributeName, plus tried to offset the Y axis by 0.25f or 0.50f but this doesn't solve the problem, it makes it just blurry as "expected"

So any ideas? I don't want to draw the line my self in code, I am looking for a solution with attributed strings.

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This appears to be an issue with the typeface being used, as others with the NSUnderlineStyleSingle attribute don't exhibit the same behavior.


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