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I am trying to code a method where i can choose to change the value of the variable "address", and if i do not want to change, i can have the option not to. I'm not sure what is the problem here, thank you very much for the help.

public void change(){
    keyboard t = new keyboard();
    String ad;
    System.out.println("If you don't wish to change, just press enter");
    ad = t.readString("Type in the new address: ");
        if (ad != "")
            adress = ad;
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You are comparing two String objects via !=. But Strings have to be compared by .equals:

if (!ad.equals("")) {

See How do I compare Strings in Java for further information.

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Thank's Dude, it sure helped me a lot! –  user3511983 Apr 8 at 17:07
@user3511983 You are very welcome (and welcome to SO as well ;) ). You can mark this answer as accepted if it satisfied you. –  ifLoop Apr 8 at 17:11

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