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I have an app where all of the views, except one, needs a status bar displayed on top. After spending time googling and searching here, I cannot find a solid answer that works. Right now, with View controller-based status bar appearance set to YES, and

    return YES;

in my 'hidden status bar' ModalViewController, the upper half of my Navigation Item is cut off.


Currently, the rest of the app's view's doesn't have a status bar. Suggestions?

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Um, you probably meant to set it to YES as you wanted precisely "view controller-based status bar", right ? And you definitely wanted to call setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate to be able to use the values other than default, as the documentation says. –  A-Live Apr 8 at 19:25
@A-Live yes, I typo'ed that in the post. I called an update too. Still not working. –  Keaton Apr 8 at 21:28
Make sure your self.view.frame is actually 0, not 20 points. –  SergiusGee Apr 8 at 22:14
@SergiusGee the black bar is gone now, the status bar is shown, but I need it gone. –  Keaton Apr 8 at 22:16
set prefersStatusBarHidden to return YES and call setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate in ViewDidAppear or WillAppear in that VC. –  SergiusGee Apr 8 at 22:23

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