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I am attempting a SetExpressCheckout transaction in LIVE, but it always fails with "We are unable to complete your request at this time." In the sandbox it works perfectly every time, so I believe my API call is correct.

Here is the full request:


I have a ticket open with Paypal Merchant Support, but they have no clue why it's failing, which amazes me. I have called paypal customer service twice, and they definitely have no clue.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

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I figured it out. It was my mistake. Although I was pointed at the live environment for the SetExpressCheckout call, the subsequent redirect was still going to the sandbox.

My fault...BUT...why can't the paypal developers put a little line of code in there so that when you go to the wrong environment (the system knows EITHER that I had just made the call to Live, then redirected to sandbox, OR at a minimum that the Live environment didn't have a matching token for what I was calling) a concise message is thrown such as "No token found in sandbox environment" or "API call made to Live, but redirected to Sandbox". A message like that would have enabled me to fix my own problem in seconds instead of hours.

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