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Currently working on a bookmarklet that needs to find images on a page. The problem I'm having is getting images that are lazy loaded and may appear further down the page, to show up.

I have tried adding a DIV to the page and then setting its height attribute to the full height of the page (eg. 43000px), and also added Tool.w.scroll(0, 0); in an attempt to trigger the images to show.

The tricky thing here is that because it's a bookmarklet, I don't know the code that is being run by the site that the bookmarklet is being used on. I am using pure javascript.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Can't be reliant on a class (eg. "lazy")
  • Can't be reliant on .lazyload();

My JS file:

// Main Object
var Tool = {
    // W = window
    w: w,
    // N = Navigator
    n: n,
    // D = document
    d: d,
    seed: {},

    // F = functions
    func: {

        create: function (object) {
            var element = false; 
            var elementType;
            var property;

            for (elementType in object) {

                if (object[elementType].hasOwnProperty) {

                    element = Tool.d.createElement(elementType);

                    for (property in object[elementType]) {

                        if (object[elementType][property].hasOwnProperty && typeof object[elementType][property] === 'string') {
                            Tool.func.set(element, property, object[elementType][property]);


            return element;

        // Get the height of this document
        getDocHeight: function () {
            return Math.max(
                Math.max(Tool.d.b.scrollHeight, Tool.d.d.scrollHeight), 
                Math.max(Tool.d.b.offsetHeight, Tool.d.d.offsetHeight), 
                Math.max(Tool.d.b.clientHeight, Tool.d.d.clientHeight)

        // Create the page elements
        build: function () {
            var height;

            // Create Iframe Spacer that bumps page down for lazy loading
            Tool.seed.bumper = Tool.func.create({
                DIV: {
                    height: '100%',
                    width: '100%',
                    id: 'Bumper'

            // Append the bumper to the body of the page

            // Container
            Tool.seed.container = Tool.func.create({
                DIV: {
                    id: 'Container'

            // Append the Container to the body of the page

            // Get the height of the document
            height = Tool.func.getDocHeight();

            // Attempt to set the height of the container
            if (Tool.seed.container.offsetHeight < height) {
                Tool.seed.container.style.height = height + 'px';
                Tool.seed.bumper.style.height    = height + 'px';

            // Scroll page to top
            Tool.w.scroll(0, 0);

        // Init function
        init: function () {

            // You can't set names that are already occupied { e.g. body, head }
            Tool.d.d = Tool.d.documentElement;
            Tool.d.b = Tool.d.getElementsByTagName('BODY')[0];
            Tool.d.h = Tool.d.getElementsByTagName('HEAD')[0];
            Tool.d.html = Tool.d.getElementsByTagName('HTML')[0];

            // Check to see if the page has head or body tags
            if (Tool.d.b && Tool.d.h) {

                // Check if the bookmarklet is already active
                if (!Tool.w.bookmarkletActive) {
                    Tool.w.bookmarkletActive = true;


// Initiate Finder
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