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So im making a project for school and i want to goto menu if the user input is not valid
My code is this:

echo What would you like to know first?
echo 1) Salary
echo 2) What Do they do?
echo 3) Schools near me that offer game design programs
echo 4) Requirements
echo 5) Credits
set /p choice="Enter Number: "
if %choice% == 1 goto salary
if %choice% == 2 goto do
if %choice% == 3 goto schools
if %choice% == 4 goto req
if %choice% == 5 goto credits
goto menu

when i enter input, there is a line that flashes
Goto was unexpected at this time then exits
What am i doing wrong?
I should add that my input is not a valid option. (1,2,3,4,5)

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if %choice% == 1 goto salary

Imagine, what this would do, when %choice% is empty. The line would then be read as:

if  == 1 goto salary

Obviously a syntax error. "goto was unexpected".

To avoid this, use

if "%choice%" == "1" goto salary

This would be read as:

if "" == "1" goto salary

Syntax is ok now.

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Thanks worked perfectly – user3512342 Apr 9 '14 at 17:14

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