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My setup is the same as in this question: Google Apps Admin Settings API - 401

I am using the (deprecated) Google Admin Settings API for domain management. It seems I cannot authorize with OAuth 2.0 without a token, which you get after user "accepts" on consent screen. Is there a way to skip this, as I am a super admin and I need my app to work without asking our users for "Admin consent".

My code:

OAuth2Parameters parameters = new OAuth2Parameters()
    ClientId = CLIENT_ID,
    ClientSecret = CLIENT_SECRET,
    RedirectUri = REDIRECT_URI

string url = OAuthUtil.CreateOAuth2AuthorizationUrl(parameters);
GOAuth2RequestFactory requestFactory = new GOAuth2RequestFactory("apps", APPLICATION_NAME, parameters);

AdminService = new AdminSettingsService(DOMAIN_NAME, APPLICATION_NAME);
AdminService.RequestFactory = requestFactory;

var feed = AdminService.GetMaximumNumberOfUsers();

"parameters" needs a token. How can I either bypass this or get that token without user's consenting? ASP.NET is what I'm using, by the way.

Thank you

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