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in this example,my username is zjm1126 ,and my email is zjm1126@yahoo.com,

i want to get this.

and this is my django-plug-in in this project:

alt text

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This was addressed just a few days ago: stackoverflow.com/questions/2264669/… –  jamieb Feb 19 '10 at 7:42

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Some open id providers provide the info about the user, which they send to you as a post, to the callback url. Some others don't.

If you want to obtain this extra info, as long as people are allowed to choose any open id, you should prompt for this information. Thats precisely what stackoverflow does.

So, 要求用户输入电子邮件地址和用户名。这是唯一可靠的方法。 (Ask users to enter email and username. That is the only reliable way.)

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