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I have an object and I need to pass its class to an annotation that takes java.lang.Class, eg:

public @interface PrepareForTest {
   Class<?>[] value()

object MyObject

class MySpec ...

I've tried:

// error: not found: type MyObject

// error: type mismatch
// found: MyObject.type (with underlying type object MyObject
// required: java.lang.Class[_]

// error: class type required by MyObject.type found

Not sure what else to try.

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classOf[MyObject$] does not work because there is no type called MyObject$.

In fact, the issue did come up before and there is no easy solution. See the discussion on https://lampsvn.epfl.ch/trac/scala/ticket/2453#comment:5

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Have a look at the throws annotation:


The annotation itself is declared as:

class throws(clazz: Class[_]) extends StaticAnnotation

Doing the same for an object does not seem to be possible because scala seems to prevent an object from being viewed as having a class in its own right

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