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When timing the performance of an OpenMP program on Linux while other programs are running, how can I get the actual running time?

  1. I heard about there are three kinds of times: user time, system time, real time. I am not sure about them.

    • In the above case with influence of other running programs, which time should we measure?
    • If ideally, there are no other running programs, which time should be the best one?
  2. What kind of time does the OpenMP timing function reports in the OpenMP program's source code:

    double t1 = omp_get_wtime();
    // begin to do some work
    // end the work    
    double t2 = omp_get_wtime();
    printf("%g seconds\n", t2-t1);

    Will other running programs influence the time return by t2-t1?


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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_%28Unix%29. You want the wall time/real time. omp_get_wtime() returns the wall time. Other running programs can influence the wall time. When profiling you should stop tasks the take up cpu time and try and run your task at high priority. Run for a long enough time to reduce biases from other threads. How long is long enough is debatable. I try to run for a few seconds at least. –  Z boson Apr 9 at 12:00

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