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I'm going to use SQL Azure Data Sync service to synchronize an SQL Azure and an on-premise database (one-way, from Azure to the on-premise db).

But I need to filter rows to synchronize (based on column value).

E.g., this tutorial tells how to configure filters, but it refers old Windows Azure portal.

A newer tutorial says:

If you also want to filter a column so that only rows with specific values (such as, Age>=65) are synchronized, use the SQL Data Sync portal at Azure and the documentation at Select the Tables, Columns, and Rows to Synchronize to define the data to sync.

However, I can't find any link to edit filters in the new Azure portal.

Is this feature gone?

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that feature was not ported in the new UI. Data Sync is a preview product with unclear future, you may want to re-evaluate using it.

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