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I have an object which after printing it using PP shows as follow

  #<URI::HTTPS:0x3391b60        URL:https://www.something.com/som/postauthentication/postAuthentication.seam?  cid=7375310001974>}
 {title "some"}

How can I get the URL in an string??

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can you give the code corresponding it ? – Arup Rakshit Apr 8 '14 at 21:24

That's a Mechanize::Page object, so for example:

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Here is some code that I believe answers your problem using the direction you are following:

require 'pp'
require 'mechanize'

a = Mechanize.new 
string = PP.pp(a.page, "")
# puts "string #{string}"

if string =~ /URL:(http:.*)}/
  puts "URL: #{$1}"
  puts "Didn't find URL"

But the following answer from @pguardiariois is a better solution - you just want a.page.uri here.

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