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I want to fork a project licensed under Apache License v2. The software has a logo and a copyright notice in the user interface. Am I allowed to rename the software, put my own logo and own copyright notice in the user Interface?

I know that I have to keep copyright notices in the source code. But I want to change this elements in the GUI of the software.

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We are not lawyers. Talk to one. "But some guy on the interwebitubes said it was ok" is not a valid defense in any court, anywhere. –  Marc B Apr 8 at 21:52

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Read the licence. If you don't understand what you read, then either don't do it, or pay a lawyer to read it for you.

In general, you can do what you like as long as it's for your own personal use but if you plan on distributing the code then you can only do so in the way that the licence allows. Apache is relatively permissive, but you cannot pretend the code is your own. As long as you acknowledge that at least part of the work is not yours and whose it is, you're probably OK.

As I tell people repeatedly, if you make no money out of it and harm no-one then just do your best and don't worry too much. If you make money out of your product or services and/or if you may cause damage to someone, you must take competent legal advice. That won't protect you, but it will warn you about the risks and possibly help to mitigate them.

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