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I have implemented an RTD server and have it successfully providing "live" data to Excel. I can work with the live data in Excel but charts don't seem to work very well.

When I try to create a chart with the live data, the resulting chart flashes and then disappears.

I have tried slowing down the data feed to Excel to see if it would matter, but that didn't help.

I have tried setting the RTD.ThrottleInterval to -1 (in VBA) to stop Excel from auto-refreshing the data and then creating a chart. The chart shows up for the now static data. But as soon as I change the RTD.ThrottleInterval to trigger Excel to auto-update, the chart disappears.

Does anybody have an idea as to why charts wouldn't work with my live data?

Is there a way to "debug" this? Is there a way to see if any exceptions are being thrown?

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