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I've created an IPN listener and have tested it out with the simulator. It works just fine. With one of my sandbox accounts I place an order through my app (using the MPL for this). My IPN listener logs nothing. I login to my sandbox account and look at the ipn history. The IPN has failed, but there is no response code. After 8 retries I am then able to do a manual resubmit. When I do this my listener receives the request just fine.

Why would the original requests fail, but the resubmit works just fine?

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Check your web server logs to get a look at the result that your server is sending back to PayPal. You should be able to see actual error messages here, too. –  Andrew Angell Apr 9 at 9:24
Thanks for the reply. I don't have immediate access to the logs... so I put a listener on my own server and it looks like the original request is getting there. Thanks! I'll open a ticket with my hosting company. –  bmurmistro Apr 9 at 13:08

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