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I have the following piece of code that creates an input box:

<input name="university" type="text" id="university" value="<? echo $uni_name['name'] ?>">

The $uni_name['name'] variable can sometimes have a value, however it can sometimes be empty. If the variable has a value I need the input's readonly value to be set to true.

If not, I need the input box to be editable.

Is there a way to achieve this? The answer can be in javascript, php etc... I'm not fussed.

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You can use shorten if/else form to do it in php (for example).

<input <?php echo empty($uni_name['name']) ? '' : 'readonly' ?> name="university" type="text" id="university" value="<?php echo $uni_name['name'] ?>">
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In your PHP code, just add the condition in the same line:

<input name="university" type="text" id="university" value="<?= $uni_name['name'] ?>" <?= $uni_name['name'] ? 'readonly="true"' : '' ?>>
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