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def ellipse(numPoints, genX=np.linspace, HALF_WIDTH=10, HALF_HEIGHT=6.5):
    xs = 10.*genX(-1,1,numPoints)
    ys = 6.5*np.sqrt(1-(xs**2))
    return(xs, ys, "-")

I am getting an error that states that an invalid value was encountered in a squareroot. I can't see what it is.

sqrt(0) = 0
6.5*sqrt(1- (-1**2)) = 0

They should work, but the y values are having problems, they are returning "nan"

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probably xs**2 returns a number > 1 sqrt with negative number will return nan (not a number)

>>> import numpy as np
>>> np.sqrt(-1)

If i am right numpy provides complex numbers functionality which i think is the only way to represent sqrt(x) where x<0

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There shouldn't be any values that are the squareroot of a negative number when i'm going from -1 to 1. nvm. edit* I see it now –  Bob Unger Apr 9 at 0:01
I should have 6.5*sqrt(100-(xs**2)) –  Bob Unger Apr 9 at 0:04
also if you want numpy to give an error on such cases you can use np.seterr(all='raise') and would give FloatingPointError: invalid value encountered in sqrt instead of nan. more info here docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/user/… –  Foo Bar User Apr 9 at 0:13

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