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While I'm trying to import mysql backup file i receive such an error,

ALTER TABLE `sf_guard_group_permission`  ADD CONSTRAINT `sf_guard_group_permission_FK_1` FOREIGN KEY ( `group_id` ) REFERENCES `sf_guard_group` ( `id` ) ON DELETE CASCADE ,
ADD CONSTRAINT `sf_guard_group_permission_FK_2` FOREIGN KEY ( `permission_id` ) REFERENCES `sf_guard_permission` ( `id` ) ON DELETE CASCADE ;

MySQL zwrócił komunikat: Dokumentacja

#1005 - Can't create table 'jezykownia.#sql-1394_72' (errno: 121) 

Although everything seems to work fine, but it scares me a bit what consequences might appear in future

Thanks in advance:)

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This thread might help, either there's a foreign key conflict* or there's some old data inside the InnoDB data dictionary.

This forum might help and the comments to the error code reference page are interesting (search for '121').


*I didn't know this but they have to be unique in a database.

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