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I have two fiddles, both are the exact same code with one exception: in the second I included bootstrap 3.0 (bootstrap.min.css), nothing changed in the code. Both are like this:


<div id="mediaplayer250"></div>


   file: "http://clips.vorwaerts-gmbh.de/VfE_flash.mp4",
   autostart: true,
      file: "//thumbs.thehun.net/video/2014-04/250533d24fe409be_proverb.vtt",
      kind: "thumbnails"

Note that playing the video and moving the mouse over the progress bar shows a thumbnail preview neatly located inside the reserved area

In the second version the thumbnail appears larger than the area it should fit in. How can I fix this? And is this a problem in Bootstrap 3.0 or in JWplayer?

the first jsfiddle, showing the correct tooltips

the second link, this one shows an sizing problem in the tooltips

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