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I need to batch change a folder full of files, changing all image links to lower case and replacing underscores with dashes. Thus, <img src="/images/Maps/South_America.png"> would become <img src="images/maps/south-america.png">

I already performed similar operations on all local links in the same files. I used this regex to change them to lower case:



And I used this one to replace underscores with dashes:



I'm not even sure if they're the same "language;" I think one only works in Dreamweaver, the other in TextWrangler. Anyway, I haven't figured out how to modify to match images, rather than links. I should emphasize that I only to change the image paths and names, not any classes, ID's or alt tags.

For example, <img src="Buffalo_Bill.jpg" alt="Buffalo Bill" class="People"> would become <img src="buffalo-bill.jpg" alt="Buffalo Bill" class="People">

Also, I think this covers all the bases if defining image extensions is necessary...


The regexes I posted above are just examples. If you have a regex that's totally different, that's fine - just as long as it will work in a common text editor like Dreamweaver or TextWrangler. (I'm on a Mac.)

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Can you fix your images or paste a "from" to "to" example in text? –  Sam Apr 9 at 3:32
Sorry about that; I think someone fixed them for me. ;) –  David Blomstrom Apr 9 at 3:34
So you are trying to take your second regex that matches/replaces file names to only affect images? –  Sam Apr 9 at 3:36
Yes, I've already converted all my links to lower case and replaced underscores with dashes. Now I want to do the same thing with my images. –  David Blomstrom Apr 9 at 3:43

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With an input like this:

<img id="BoringSnowDay" class="FunkySmellsFromGarden" src="/images/Maps/South_America.png" alt="Powerball Winner!" /> <img id="ExcitingSunNight" class="SmoothTasteInKitchen" src="/images/Flags/Antartica.jpg" alt="Racecar racecaR!" />

This regex in TextWrangler:

(<img [^>]+)(src="[^"]+")



Gives me something that ONLY affects the src="..." portion and nothing else.

Unfortunately, combining that to a "...and replace _ to -" tends to get a little tricky.

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Yes, I'll probably need two separate regexes to do the job, as with the URL changes. –  David Blomstrom Apr 9 at 3:55
I've not seen any good pcre regex that lets you replace characters within a small area (like between src="..." tags), but if you want to run this multiple times: (?<=src=")([^"]+)_([^"]+)(?=") and replace with this: \L\1-\L\2, it can both lower the case and replace your underscores with dashes. –  OnlineCop Apr 9 at 4:02
Awesome; the first one didn't work at all, but the second one nailed it. ;) –  David Blomstrom Apr 9 at 4:12

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