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I have set up Facebook login on my site following this tutorial and am using cucumber and capybara. I have tried following other SO posts like this that explain how to set up a fake login account. If I use this directly, I get:

When I follow "sign_in"                                        # features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb:56
      No route matches [GET] "/oauth/authorize" (ActionController::RoutingError)
      ./features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb:57:in `/^(?:|I )follow "([^"]*)"$/'
      features/facebook_signin.feature:9:in `When I follow "sign_in"'

If I add get "/oauth/authorize" to my routes, I get:

When I follow "sign_in"                                        # features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb:56
      uninitialized constant OauthController (ActionController::RoutingError)
      ./features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb:57:in `/^(?:|I )follow "([^"]*)"$/'
      features/facebook_signin.feature:9:in `When I follow "sign_in"'

I don't know what is going on and why it is complaining. If I change my Gemfile from gem 'omniauth-facebook', '1.4.0' to just gem 'omniauth-facebook' I get virtually the same errors above except instead of:

/oauth/authorize, I get /dialog/oauth and instead of uninitialized constant OauthController, I get uninitialized constant DialogController

Has anyone recently successfully set up cucumber testing for login with Facebook?

When I am on localhost:3000 and navigate to localhost:3000/auth/facebook everything works and I am using a sessionsController so I don't understand why in testing, it is trying to use these oauthControllers or DialogueControllers.

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I recently had the same issue or a very similar issue:

  No route matches [GET] "/dialog/oauth"

I had taken the working specs which properly set up mock responses from another project and was pretty surprised to suddenly get this error.

After much pain and suffering I had a major facepalm moment when I realized i had forgot to set OmniAuth to use test mode:

# spec/rails_helper.rb
OmniAuth.config.test_mode = true

This will cause OmniAuth to short circuit so that you can set the auth responses by:

OmniAuth.config.mock_auth[:facebook] ={
  :provider => 'facebook',
  :uid => '123545'
  # etc.

I think the error is due to OmniAuth trying to be helpful by using the :developer strategy in the test environment so that you don't get banned by the auth provider.


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Have you enabled Javascript in this tests? As the tutorial mentions the

describe 'When I follow "sign in"', js: true do 

Another possibility is that you included the gem only in the development block of the Gemfile

group :development do
  gem 'omniauth-facebook'

BTW: you shouldn't be testing against "real" external endpoints. Take a look at webmock for this kind of tests to mock the Facebook response

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I had to put @omniauth_test_success before the feature and not the step definition. Additionally, I had to fix some routing issues. Will post full report later this week.

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