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Imagine that I have two traits, data and events. The trait data exposes public method data() and use events trait. The trait events just exposes method trigger(). Basically that:

trait events {
    public function trigger($value) { echo "Event: {$value}\n"; }

trait data {
    use events;

    public function data($key, $value) {
        $this->trigger("changed {$key}");

Now I need two things (cases): use trait data on my class user, but without allow access trait events directly:

class user {
    use data;

    public function set_name($name) {
        $this->data("name", "John Doe");

And the second case is other class called config that need uses data and events. Like:

class config {
    use data, events;

    public function set_config($key, $value) {
        $this->data($key, $value);

The problem is that:

Fatal error: Trait method event has not been applied, because there are collisions with other trait methods on set_config...

My question is: can I include trait "privately" if I want? Something like private use events on data trait.

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Private for whom? –  sectus Apr 9 at 6:09
To solve your error just change use data, events; to use events; –  sectus Apr 9 at 6:11
Private/exclusive events traits to data trait if class don't uses that. So if I don't do use events on class, I should not have access to the method trigger(). –  David Rodrigues Apr 9 at 17:27
You don't need to use traits. You need to use delegation. –  sectus Apr 10 at 1:05

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