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I am writing parallel LED board driver, .ko is successfully generated.

I am facing this issue

[63722.594233] led: Unknown symbol parport_register_device (err 0)

[63722.594264] led: Unknown symbol parport_register_driver (err 0)

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parport_register_device is exported in drivers/parport/share.c. So you have to load parport driver first (modprobe parport) and then your driver.

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I run command "modprobe parport" but i got error : FATAL: Module parport not found. –  v123 Apr 9 at 6:47
Then you have to find it and load it! Look for drivers in /lib/modules find /lib/modules/$(uname -r) -name parport Then try to load it by actual name with modprobe or insmod. –  avd Apr 9 at 7:00
its working fine !!!!! thanku very much –  v123 Apr 9 at 9:30

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