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I found some threads with quite similar questions here, but not exactly what I want to do: I have a folder with 11 subfolders containing about 50 subfolders each, containing about 50.000 .jpg files in total.

Now I'd like to rename the .jpg files using this pattern:

[name of the containing subfolder][underscore][specific word][underscore][increasing number].jpg

I'd like to do this with a .cmd batch file (Win7).



       -img (1).jpg
       -img (2).jpg
       -img (3).jpg
       -otherimage (1).jpg
       -otherimage (2).jpg

After running the batch with "test" as the specific word:

img (1).jpg -> folder1_test_1.jpg
img (2).jpg -> folder1_test_2.jpg
img (3).jpg -> folder1_test_3.jpg
otherimg (1).jpg -> folder2_test_1.jpg
otherimg (2).jpg -> folder2_test_2.jpg

It would be ok to start the batch from each first level folder (2003, 2004...) to rename all the files in the subfolders included.

I was trying to solve it by myself over an hour now using the hints from other threads (Batch Rename Files using Folder Name?), but it didn't work. I'm not familiar with the syntax of batch programming at all, but I have to solve this task anyhow...

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(Question answered by OP edit. See Question with no answers, but issue solved in the comments )

The OP Wrote:

At last, I found a freeware tool for Windows that does exactly what I need:

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