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I tried to compile libsndfile by using mingw. After I installed mingw and msys, I tried ”gcc -v“ command, it can return correct version. But we I browsed to libsndfile root and "./configure", it returns error ['.' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.] Can anyone help me about this?

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Are you sure you are running the configure script from the Msys shell and not the regular command prompt? –  user657267 Apr 9 at 7:08
I used cmd of windows? Does msys has its own command prompt? –  OOOPhantom Apr 9 at 7:32
Yeah, the configure script won't work in the regular command prompt, you'll need to use the Msys shell. –  user657267 Apr 9 at 7:34
Take a look at stackoverflow.com/questions/22887999/… where I described mingw and msys basic usage –  user3159253 Apr 9 at 7:50
I tried bash or sh under msys, configure works, but still cannot make correct file, trying...... –  OOOPhantom Apr 10 at 1:54

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