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I developed an application in java connect whith a PLC (Allen bradley). The project is make a select in SQL to BD then this select have all information I require.

After I have the query, query haves some information about of circuits for example. Then send and signal or byte (I dont know !) send this information turn on some LEDS - the comunnicattion I think do it to modbus or jamod.

I investigate is the same, also I read the PLC allen bradley connect via ethernet so I think make the apliccation java whith sockets and I read for the web make the connection and have some code about for the connection but I want something more specific and know is possible this project

thank you any help is appreciated ..

If you have questions I'm here, thanks for you time guys, and I hope you can help


I left a code I see . It makes the connection

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {    
   InetAddress address = InetAddress.getByName("host.somewhere");
    TCPMasterConnection connection = new TCPMasterConnection(address);
   ReadMultipleRegistersRequest request = new ReadMultipleRegistersRequest(0, 1);
   ReadMultipleRegistersResponse response = (ReadMultipleRegistersResponse)
       executeTransaction(connection, request);

private static ModbusResponse executeTransaction(TCPMasterConnection connection,
         ModbusRequest request) 
         throws ModbusIOException, ModbusSlaveException, ModbusException {
   ModbusTCPTransaction transaction = new ModbusTCPTransaction(connection);



   return transaction.getResponse();
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