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I am a bit confused about the symbols that I get when typing anything in Xcode that corresponds to a defined class,enum or anything else.Suppose when we type UITableView on Xcode then we get support string like this.

enter image description here

So the symbols which we are getting in the extreme left like C for Tableview and that I suppose to my understanding corresponds to a class.Similarly we get V I think for variable or K may be for enum.

I want to know what we call these symbols and is there any basic criteria that a symbol like k is defined for enum?Also what are the significance of those symbols?

There are also some conditions for which symbols are not defined.Like suppose we write int there is no symbol for int as we can see below.

enter image description here

There are also some symbols like # and T used in the above image.What are the significance of those.Please give me some brief idea about this topic and suggest me some tutorial if possible.Thanks.

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# means that it is the result of a #define and T means it is a typdef. The symbols just help provide you some clues when selecting the right completion as to what the object is – Paulw11 Apr 9 '14 at 9:47

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I just got the answer from a different question after a long time today.

Reference:- What is that symbol before NSInteger?

Here is a more complete list of symbols, taken from this question.

Red: Macros

# = macro (think #define)

Brown: Core Data / Namespace

C = modeled class
M = modeled method
P = modeled property
N = C++ namespace

Orange: Aliased types

C̲ = Objective-C category
E = enum
T = typedef

Green: Variables

B = binding
ƒ = function
F = field
K = constant
L = local variable
O = IBOutlet
V = variable (can be ivar, global var, local var, etc.)
x = parameter (think f(x))

Blue: Methods

A = IBAction
M = method
P = property

Purple: Aggregate types

C = class (Objective-C or C++)
₠ = class extension
Pr = Objective-C protocol
S = struct
U = union

You should be able to look up the meanings from the filenames from /Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DVTFoundation.framework/Resources/Xcode.SourceCodeSymbolKind.*.Icon.tiff.

Note that, not all icons are used in Code Sense, as these are shared by all Xcode components.

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