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How to implement "insert ignore"? using kohana orm While adding multiple records, if few of them may already exist in database using below code adding of all 100 records will be declined.

$query = DB::insert('tablename', array('column1', 'column2','column3'));

 foreach ($data as $d) {
 try {
    $result = $query->execute();
 } catch ( Database_Exception $e ) {   
    echo $e->getMessage();

UPDATE: Here is how i did This, i have to insert multiple records,

$Xtransactions = "INSERT IGNORE INTO `tablename` (`tid`, `tdate`, `appid`, 
                                              `userid`, `user_ip`) VALUES";

foreach ($objSas->trecord as $trow) {                      
  $Xtransactions .= "(".$trow->tid.",'". 
  date('Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime($trow->tdate))."',".
    $Xtransactions  = substr($Xtransactions , 0, -1);                         
 try {                      
      DB::query(Database::INSERT, $Xtransactions )->execute();
 } catch ( Database_Exception $e ) {   
      echo $e->getMessage();
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With query builder this is impossible, try to write a raw query.

DB::query(Database::INSERT, 'INSERT IGNORE INTO table VALUES (...)')->execute();
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