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hello i want to know how to call a function defined in one php file from some other function defined in some other php page.

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Has been answered numerous times: and - In addition, please accept some of the answers to the 15 questions you asked so far. – Gordon Feb 19 '10 at 10:47
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do like this,
in the file where you need to call the function


function_name($arguments); // this function is defined in 'file_having_function_that_you_need_to_call.php' file

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First you need to include that file either using

require_once or require


include_once or  include

if the function is not in class, you will call directly.

echo getUserName("1")

otherwise you have to first create object and than call method

$obj = new User();
echo $obj->getUserName("1");
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Use include(), require(), etc. on the other PHP file, then just put the function name followed by its arguments in parentheses.

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