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I am having a hard time finding from where my application is picking up its window dock and location settings. I removed the related plist files and folders from the following directories:

  1. [USER]/Library/Preferences
  2. [USER]/Library/Preferences/By Host
  3. [USER]/Library/Caches
  4. [USER]/Library/Saved Application State

But the old window settings are retained when I launch the application. The application is using CFPreferencesCopyValue method to read preference values:

::CFPreferencesCopyValue("Toolbars:MyTools:Application", "kCFPreferencesCurrentApplication", kCFPreferencesCurrentUser, kCFPreferencesCurrentHost);

I am not very familiar with Mac's preferences mechanism. Can someone explain what could be happening here? Thanks

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The NSUserDefaults on Mavericks (at least) are cached and it is not recommended to edit the plist files manually. The actual files reside in a container folder (you may know this folder from sandboxing).

But you can use the command line utility defaultsto edit, change or delete preferences. To delete the defaults (= reset defaults for your app) you can run in terminal:

defaults delete com.myapp.* && rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/com.myapp.*

This is taken from a blog entry that shows in detail explanations on user defaults and mavericks.

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Using a wildcard in the defaults command didn't work for me. –  Rich Jun 4 at 17:45

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