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I would like to know, if someone changed a file called pom.xml in any mercurial repository. Therefore I decided to use a mercurial notify hook. (notify extension) Actually I get emails for every changeset I pulled. Now I want to limit the files so that I only get an email, if a pom.xml in any repository changed. I tried some glob syntax in the usersub section. Example hgrc:

notify =

incoming.notify = python:hgext.notify.hook

from = u.ser@mail.com

host = smtpserver

baseurl = http://<server>:<port>/scm/hg

sources = pull
test = false
config =
strip = 1

##u.ser@mail.com = *   # works for all files
u.ser@mail.com = **/pom.xml  # doesn't work 

maxdiff = 300

Does anyone have an working example for a limitation of files in the usersub section?

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