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We are moving on to a hosted desktop environment for development work; we have Citrix receiver installed on a local PC that still maintains some business related applications (outlook etc).

As an early adopter I thought I would investigate what this tool does, which I now regret.

I right clicked on the taskbar icon and clicked open, added my credentials, thinking oh what does this do...

Now, every time the receiver starts up (when I login in the morning for example) it starts up a hosted desktop.

I have looked at the pnagent options(right clicking the taskbar icon, choosing about and expanding into the advanced, picking online plug-in settings, then options). I can turn off the auto startup action, but my credentials are still held somewhere.

I found this post but when I follow the instructions and I restart the reciever the registry is repopulated with my details logs me in.

I am hoping there is something else I can try before attempting to reinstall the receiver.

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