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So I already know how to find the local maxima in my data but I would like to modify that script by ignoring maximas in one row if they are not alteast 15% of the highest maxima.

That's my data:

> dput(head(tbl_all2))
structure(list(`Gene name` = structure(1:6, .Label = c("a2p1u8", 
"a2qab2", "a6zl23", "a6zlf3", "a6zq61", "a6ztx1", "a6zw47", "a6zya9", 
"a7a095", "a7a0l4", "b2g4d8", "b2g4i6", "b2g4p9", "b2g4u5", "b2zbw7", 
"b3lgx6", "b3lh69", "b3lha4", "b3ljq6", "b3llk0", "b3lp17", "b3ltm6", 
"b5vdr5", "b5ve00", "b5ve47", "b5ve66", "b5ve75", "b5vea8", "b5ved3", 
"b5vej5", "b5vfh0", "b5vfm0", "b5vfq6", "b5vg00", "b5vgm8", "b5vgw4", 
"b5vh77", "b5vi95", "b5vif4", "b5vik7", "b5vik8", "b5viu6", "b5vj32", 
"b5vjc2", "b5vji2", "b5vk65", "b5vkc9", "b5vkd1", "b5vkr2", "b5vkr3", 
"b5vl55", "b5vl71", "b5vla9", "b5vlc1", "b5vln1", "b5vlr4", "b5vm13", 
"b5vm96", "b5vmw7", "b5vn73", "b5vnb6", "b5vnc3", "b5vnj1", "b5vnk1", 
"b5vp33", "b5vp56", "b5vpx6", "b5vq26", "b5vq44", "b5vq52", "b5vqk3", 
"b5vrj3", "b5vrz5", "b5vs89", "b5vsy8", "c7gni0", "c7gq32", "c7gqn5", 
"c7gtn6", "c7gu46", "c7gwe7", "c7gxt0", "c8z669", "c8z6f5", "c8z6r4", 
"c8z6v4", "c8zbm1", "c8zcu8", "c8zd16", "c8zhg0", "e7k9a7", "e7k9i7", 
"e7ka19", "e7ka28", "e7kag3", "e7kak7", "e7kau5", "e7kb37", "e7kbg6", 
"e7kbp6", "e7kde5", "e7kdf5", "e7kdl8", "e7kec6", "e7kek6", "e7ker2", 
"e7kez8", "e7kfj1", "e7kg86", "e7kgg6", "e7kgj9", "e7kgm9", "e7kh79", 
"e7khz2", "e7kid1", "e7kid2", "e7kij3", "e7kip9", "e7kiv1", "e7kj59", 
"e7kjc9", "e7kjz8", "e7kkg8", "e7kks4", "e7kkx7", "e7klq2", "e7km62", 
"e7kmw1", "e7kni6", "e7knq6", "e7knx6", "e7kp09", "e7kps9", "e7kql6", 
"e7kqt5", "e7kr71", "e7krc8", "e7krj9", "e7krs0", "e7ks72", "e7ksf4", 
"e7ksg0", "e7ksv0", "e7ku26", "e7kui4", "e7kuz1", "e7kv21", "e7kvp5", 
"e7lr73", "e7lrn1", "e7ls46", "e7ls63", "e7lsa7", "e7lsk8", "e7lsm3", 
"e7lsy6", "e7lte7", "e7ltk1", "e7ltv7", "e7lu34", "e7lun6", "e7lup5", 
"e7lux5", "e7lv27", "e7lw21", "e7lw44", "e7lwa5", "e7lwl6", "e7lwm3", 
"e7lx88", "e7lxj7", "e7lxn8", "e7lxp5", "e7ly02", "e7lyz3", "e7lz85", 
"e7lzh7", "e7lzn6", "e7m129", "e7ney3", "e7nf47", "e7nfe5", "e7nfq5", 
"e7nfz0", "e7ng34", "e7nh47", "e7nh77", "e7nhb2", "e7nhq7", "e7nie7", 
"e7nii6", "e7nir5", "e7nje2", "e7njk4", "e7njv1", "e7nk19", "e7nk28", 
"e7nkm6", "e7nl37", "e7nl74", "e7nlc7", "e7nlm1", "e7nlr2", "e7nlt8", 
"e7nm31", "e7nm99", "e7nmz4", "e7nn89", "e7npc6", "e7q121", "e7q1a1", 
"e7q1e1", "e7q1k7", "e7q1t1", "e7q1x8", "e7q2c3", "e7q2x6", "e7q3f3", 
"e7q3m4", "e7q3x2", "e7q4c4", "e7q4i8", "e7q5g3", "e7q5l9", "e7q5p8", 
"e7q6a9", "e7q6d5", "e7q800", "e7q814", "e7q825", "e7q833", "e7q8i6", 
"e7q8q5", "e7q8r1", "e7q8u9", "e7q8y1", "e7qbg0", "e7qcc5", "e7qcf3", 
"e7qd66", "e7qdy4", "e7qdy8", "e7qe39", "e7qf79", "e7qfn0", "e7qgb5", 
"e7qh38", "e7qh57", "e7qh90", "e7qhj0", "e7qhj7", "e7qhk8", "e7qi53", 
"e7qi89", "e7qii2", "e7qiq0", "e7qiv9", "e7qje4", "e7qjm1", "e7qjn3", 
"e7qjz3", "e7qka0", "e7qkh1", "e7qki3", "e7ql07", "e7ql23", "e7ql56", 
"e7qle4", "e7qlh7", "e7qlm1", "e7qlq3", "e9p8k6", "e9p9c8", "e9p9h6", 
"e9p9y2", "f8ka88", "g1uaw4", "g2w8j6", "g2wax6", "g2wbs0", "g2wbt1", 
"g2wc37", "g2we94", "g2weh9", "g2wej8", "g2wf31", "g2wgt2", "g2whe0", 
"g2wi84", "g2wlm2", "g2wmh7", "g2wmk0", "g2wnc9", "h0gc43", "h0gc45", 
"h0gc46", "h0gc71", "h0gcc4", "h0gce3", "h0gce7", "h0gcg9", "h0gcx2", 
"h0gd06", "h0gd44", "h0gd98", "h0gda5", "h0gda8", "h0gdj5", "h0gdq8", 
"h0gdr5", "h0gdt8", "h0ger5", "h0geu6", "h0gf09", "h0gf24", "h0gf63", 
"h0gfb9", "h0gfx9", "h0gg75", "h0ggk6", "h0ggy4", "h0gh33", "h0gh37", 
"h0ghf6", "h0ghg0", "h0ghh6", "h0ghk6", "h0gig2", "h0gim1", "h0giq8", 
"h0gir4", "h0gj73", "h0gk02", "h0gk39", "h0gk56", "h0gkc0", "h0gkh0", 
"h0gl26", "h0gl41", "h0gle1", "h0glz7", "h0gm98", "h0gmi5", "h0gmp1", 
"h0gmp4", "h0gms2", "h0gmz5", "h0gn89", "h0gp57", "h0gp81", "h0gp99", 
"h0gpm9", "h0gq90", "h0gqv1", "h0gqv6", "h0gr16", "h0gr46", "h0gr62", 
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"h0gs88", "h0gsa9", "h0gsk0", "h0gsl8", "h0gsu6", "h0gtf9", "h0gti8", 
"h0gtn2", "h0gts6", "h0gu87", "h0gug5", "h0guj4", "h0gur2", "h0gut3", 
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"h0h220", "h0h251", "h0h294", "h0h2j1", "i7ji35", "i7ktc2", "n1nwq1", 
"n1nxi5", "n1ny73", "n1nyf2", "n1nyt5", "n1nyw8", "n1nz14", "n1nzs8", 
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"n1p8l5", "n1p910", "n1pa29", "n1pa30", "o13429", "o13516", "o14455", 
"o14467", "o43137", "p00358", "p00359", "p00360", "p00431", "p00445", 
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"q6fjy0_cangasimilartouniprot", "q6fl72_cangasimilartouniprot", 
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"q753y2", "q754c8", "q754d6", "q754f6", "q755g1", "q755g8", "q755q5", 
"q756e2", "q756e7", "q756f7", "q756k2", "q756u4", "q756y3", "q757i1", 
"q757l4", "q757n1", "q757y2", "q758l1", "q758t1", "q759a3", "q759a4", 
"q759a9", "q759i7", "q759v7", "q75aa5", "q75bc3", "q75bq6", "q75bv8", 
"q75c57", "q75cf8", "q75cn6", "q75df8", "q75dp6", "q75dq0", "q75ds7", 
"q75du3", "q75dw1", "q75en0", "q75ew2", "q75f01", "q87026", "q8j1f8", 
"q8j2m3", "q8mx29", "q96vh4", "q99210", "q99258", "q99312", "q9p4c2", 
"s4vpl7", "s5s176", "t2a536", "v5rd14"), class = "factor"), `2_1` = c(0, 
0, 0, 0, 0.933959669839227, 0), `2_2` = c(0, 0, 0, 0, 14.2445924025971, 
0), `2_3` = c(0, 0, 0, 0, 1.84391659829476, 0), `2_4` = c(0, 
0, 0, 0, 1, 0), `2_5` = c(0, 0, 0, 0, 0.850344700878792, 0), 
    `2_6` = c(0.0631240804031774, 0, 0, 1.11684072808048, 1, 
    1.29478435854497), `2_7` = c(0.135377134405041, 0, 0, 0.941579635959761, 
    0.389199799282971, 0.705215641455033), `2_8` = c(0.340634833543641, 
    0, 0, 1, 0.467857655108082, 0), `2_9` = c(1.43325438281299, 
    0, 0, 0, 0.157821181013907, 0), `2_10` = c(1.71425095521776, 
    0, 0, 0, 0.382740802185421, 0), `2_11` = c(0.715532320539672, 
    0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_12` = c(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_13` = c(0, 
    0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_14` = c(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_15` = c(1.72759758284943, 
    0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_16` = c(1.71289858010354, 0, 0, 0, 0, 
    0), `2_17` = c(0.747888289194788, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_18` = c(0, 
    0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_19` = c(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_20` = c(0, 
    0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_21` = c(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_22` = c(0, 
    0, 0, 0, 0, 0), `2_23` = c(0, 0, 1.29452015085474, 0, 0, 
    0), `2_24` = c(0, 0, 0.852739924572629, 0, 0, 0)), .Names = c("Gene name", 
"2_1", "2_2", "2_3", "2_4", "2_5", "2_6", "2_7", "2_8", "2_9", 
"2_10", "2_11", "2_12", "2_13", "2_14", "2_15", "2_16", "2_17", 
"2_18", "2_19", "2_20", "2_21", "2_22", "2_23", "2_24"), row.names = c(NA, 
6L), class = "data.frame")

That's a script I use to find local maximas in my data:

## Preparing a function ##
example <- c(5,2,3,2,1, 1, 2, 3)

localmaxima <- function(example) {
  x <- c(ifelse(diff(head(example, 2)) < 0, 1, NA), which(diff(sign(diff(example))) == -2) + 1, ifelse(diff(tail(example, 2)) > 0, length(example),  

## Creating a list - one element for each row - containing indices
## of local maximas including edges
indices <- apply(as.matrix(tbl_all2[, -1]), 1, FUN = localmaxima)

## Converting them to coordinates of matrix

coords <- do.call(rbind, lapply(seq_along(indices), FUN = function(i) (expand.grid(i, indices[[i]]))))

## Creating an empty matrix
empty <- matrix(0, nrow = nrow(tbl_all2), ncol = ncol(tbl_all2) - 1)

## Setting the 1 at locations of local maximas
empty[as.matrix(coords)] <- 1

## Creating results by cbinding back the gene name and adding names to columns.
tbl_peak <- cbind(tbl_all2[, 1], as.data.frame(empty))
names(tbl_peak) <- names(tbl_all2)

Do you have any idea how to modify this script ?

That's an example what I want to achieve. I will use the data from other thread:


Name     Mo   Tue   Wen   Thu   Fr   Sat   Sun   
Mark     0     32    53    11    0    33    52   
Ettin    22    51    31    0     0    1      0
Gerard   36    0     13    0    111   33     0   
Marcus   0     44    31    10    0    2      0   

After using the script above I got such results:

Name     Mo   Tue   Wen   Thu   Fr   Sat   Sun   
Mark     0     0     1     0     0    0     1   ## Two local maximas
Ettin    0     1     0     0     0    1     0   ## Two local maximas (Should be one!)
Gerard   1     0     1     0     1    0     0   ## Three local maximas (Should be two!)
Marcus   0     1     0     0     0    1     0   ## Two local maximas (Should be one!)

That's what I would like to get as an output:

Name     Mo   Tue   Wen   Thu   Fr   Sat   Sun   
Mark     0     0     1     0     0    0     1   
Ettin    0     1     0     0     0    0     0   
Gerard   1     0     0     0     1    0     0   
Marcus   0     1     0     0     0    0     0  

That's the way how can this problem be solved if we are talking about single row:

ind <- which(diff(sign(diff(GeneName)))==-2)+1
ind[GeneName[ind] >= 0.2 * max(GeneName[ind])]

but how to edit my whole script to get desired results ?

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Isn't it the same questions as: stackoverflow.com/questions/22934249/… –  sgibb Apr 9 '14 at 9:42
I already mentioned that I am using data from other thread. I would like to use this function but I don't know how to edit my script with that function. Anyway a title of the questions says that I am trying to combine two functions. Any idea how I can modify my script ? –  Shaxi Liver Apr 9 '14 at 9:44

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Instead of the final line of your localmaxima function body, you should have:

x <- as.vector(x[!is.na(x)])
x <- x[example[x] >= 0.2 * max(example)]
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Thanks you very much for your help! –  Shaxi Liver Apr 9 '14 at 11:12

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