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Is there a standard way to serialize and deserialize a COM VARIANT, e.g. to/from a stream?

Haven't found any in MSDN, an I'm a little surprised now.

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To extend Simon's answer: With ATL development you also have CComVariant::WriteToStream –  Roman R. Apr 9 at 16:26
@RomanR. Actually, I think WriteToStream does a lot less than the RPC marshaler (no decimal, no array, no record, etc.). I may be wrong :-) –  Simon Mourier Apr 9 at 16:42
@SimonMourier: Yes but there is a great advantage: the method is available in source code and easily extendable. –  Roman R. Apr 9 at 16:48

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You can do this using the the VARIANT_UserMarshal function.

General information on this function (and similar ones for other OLE Automation types) is available here: Marshaling OLE Data Types and here: The type_UserMarshal Function

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